Facebook CEO Makes First Public Remarks On Immigration Reform


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made his first public comments on immigration reform Monday, declaring that reform policies aren’t just vital for bringing talent to Silicon Valley firms but are essential to the growth of the “whole country.”

“This is something that we believe is really important for the future of our country – and for us to do what’s right,” Zuckerberg told a crowd gathered for the San Francisco premiere of the film “Undocumented,” as quoted by the SF Chronicle.

The social media heavyweight said his interest in immigration reform was sparked by some of the children in an entrepreneurship class he volunteered to teach who were undocumented and “weren’t going to be given equal opportunity,” according to the Chronicle. 

“No matter where they were born, (these students) are going to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and people creating jobs in this country,” he continued. “These are issues that don’t just touch our part of the industry, but really touch a whole country.”