DSCC Goes After Akin On Social Security

Following Rep. Todd Akins primary win in Missouri last week, making him the GOP challenger to Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, the DSCC’s independent expenditure arm is going up with their first ad in this general election race attacking Akin over for his support of privatizing Social Security.

“I don’t like it,” Akin says in the ad. “I didn’t design Social Security. FDR put it in place.”

The narrator explains that Akin would privatize Social Security and put seniors’ savings at risk.

“Akin would risk your retirement savings with a private investment program that benefits Wall Street,” the narrator says. “He’s already taken almost half a million dollars from Wall Street. He’d give them your Social Security money.” The ad ends with the narrator calling Akin “way out of Missouri’s mainstream.” 

The ad is running statewide on broadcast and cable and the ad buy is $1.1 million, a source tells TPM.