DGA Sends 150k To Support Anti-Union Law Repeal In Ohio

The Democratic Governors Association is pitching in $150,000 to the We Are Ohio coalition in support of the repeal referendum on SB 5, the anti-union legislation pushed by Republicans in Ohio and signed by Gov. John Kasich (Rep). We Are Ohio is a labor-backed political organization in the state campaigning to repeal SB 5.

The Huffington Post broke the news and quoted a DGA letter to the AFL-CIO and Change To Win:

“‘That is why the DGA is sending a contribution of $150,000 to ‘We Are Ohio’ today,‘ writes Colm O’Comartun, executive director at the DGA. ‘While we don’t often get involved in campaigns that are not directly related to gubernatorial elections, the stakes in Ohio are too high for us to sit on the sidelines. It is a fight that we must win to safeguard workers’ rights and to stand up to overreaching Republican governors like John Kasich.‘”

That the DGA rarely involves itself in specific ballot initiatives (they’ve done so just twice in the past six years), makes its decision to embrace the S.B. 5 repeal efforts all the more symbolic and significant. The politics are certainly inviting: a chance to win over occasionally skeptical progressives while piling on an already unpopular Republican governor.”