Daily Show: Teammates Must Play Hetero Grab-Ass Without Michael Sam

Jon Stewart lambasted ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam’s showering habits during Wednesday night’s episode of “The Daily Show,” saying: “Are we not over this yet?”

The sports network initially defended their shower coverage before changing course and saying it regretted its coverage on Wednesday. Stewart criticized this line of reporting, preferring instead to discuss Sam’s chances of making the team and surviving the next round of cuts with Senior Sports Correspondent Samantha Bee.

“His work on the line has been great but he’s been making his teammates very uncomfortable,” Bee said.

Stewart was confused by this since during ESPN’s coverage, Josina Anderson had reported that one of Sam’s teammates thought he was being respectful and avoiding showering with the other players.

“In fact, he hasn’t been getting naked around them at all. Jon, there’s been no grab-ass, no dick snaps, no ball cupping. None of the locker room behavior of normal heterosexual NFL players.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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