Ted Cruz Thinks Impeaching Obama Is Pointless


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) this weekend threw cold water on calls to impeach President Obama.

“It is clear, with the Harry Reid Senate, impeachment of the president is not going anywhere,” he said during an interview with National Review Online published Saturday.

When asked about impeachment in July, Cruz said it was a “decision for the House of Representatives.”

Instead Cruz wants to impeach Attorney General Eric Holder. The Senator introduced a resolution in June calling on Holder to investigate the IRS scandal or face impeachment.

Criz told NRO this weekend that impeaching Holder “would shine much needed light on the indefensible abuse of power by the attorney general.”

He also said it would highlight the administrations response to scandals.

“When a scandal breaks, the president says he’s outraged,” Cruz said. “Step number two is stonewall at every front.”

“And then, step number three: after stonewalling for many months, dismiss the entire issue as old news, no longer relevant, dredging up the past,” he continued. “That’s what they’re trying to do with the IRS. That’s what they’re trying to do with Benghazi. It’s wrong.”