Cooper Grills Conway On Trump Talk About Clinton: ‘Is It Irresponsible?’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Sunday night pressed Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on the Republican nominee’s recent predictions that Hillary Clinton will face a criminal trial, asking Conway if it was “irresponsible.”

When first asked by Cooper if it was irresponsible for Trump to predict criminal charges against Clinton without facts, Conway said that Trump is “welcome to speculate as to why FBI Director Comey would make an unprecedented move so close to an election.” She then attacked the Clinton campaign for questioning Comey’s letter announcing a new review of emails related to the original probe.

But Cooper pressed Conway again, asking, “Is it responsible for someone who might be president of the United States to be, in your words, ‘speculating’ about an active investigation when he has no actual facts?”

“I think it’s actually irresponsible of somebody who was secretary of state and set up a private server, which is why we’re having this entire conversation, flouted the law,” Conway replied.

“Right, you are not answering the question, though,” Cooper said in response.

After Conway insisted she answered Cooper’s question, he again asked her, “Is it irresponsible for a man who might be president of the United States to speculate about something about which he has no facts?”

“Everybody speculated for nine days,” Conway responded. “Everybody on CNN speculated 24/7, practically.”

But Cooper would not accept that response.

“If everybody jumped off a bridge it doesn’t mean you should jump off a bridge, too,” he said. “Don’t you think it’s irresponsible?”

“No,” Conway replied, “I don’t think it’s irresponsible.”

Copoer then asked Conway if Trump now acknowledges that Clinton won’t face a criminal trial over the email probe. In response, Conway said that while Comey offered his conclusion in the email investigation, the FBI may still be investigating the Clinton Foundation.

“We don’t know,” she said.

Watch a clip of the interview via CNN: