Colbert Stands With Fellow ‘Cockthusiast’ GOPer Matt Bevin

Monday night’s “Colbert Report” had a field day with one of the more obvious subjects for comedy this primary season — Mitch McConnell’s challenger Matt Bevin and his supposedly accidental appearance at a cockfight.

After Kentucky GOPer Matt Bevin spoke at a cockfighting rally last week — which he later said he mistook for a “states rights rally” — critics such as the Humane Society Legislative Action Fund have criticized his appearance and even called on him to withdraw from the race.

Identifying himself as a “cockthusiast,” Colbert chided the “the liberal Kentucky media” for hounding the tea partier on his choice of venue: “A candidate has to reach all constituencies; soccer moms, cockfighting dads, bear-baiting uncles, horse-whipping sisters in law.”

Nevertheless, the late night host said it was possible Bevin didn’t realize he was attending a cockfighting event.

“He’s moving all over the state, speaking here, speaking there — his handlers drive him around in a windowless van with a bag on his head,” the comedy host imagined. “Then they whip it off and he just goes for it, ‘Liberty! Tax cuts!’ and then back in the bag.”

With a wag of his finger, Colbert summed up: “So lay off Matt Bevin, he does not condone it, but if you’re gonna hold a rally to support cockfighting he will be there —and not know why.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central: