Cochran Campaign: McDaniel Campaign Is ‘Full Of Criminals’


Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) re-election campaign is saying state Sen. Chris McDaniel’s (R-MS) campaign is an operation that’s “full of criminals,” is “out of control,” and does not “have any respect of the rule of law.”

“They cannot keep themselves out of trouble with the law,” Cochran Communications Director Jordan Russell told National Review. “This is a campaign that it out of control.”

Russell also said the McDaniel campaign is “full of criminals.”

The comments by Russell come as more details come out about a number of McDaniel supporters, including McDaniel’s coalitions director, getting locked into the Hinds County Courthouse late on Tuesday’s Republican Senate primary night. The courthouse is where the ballots for Hinds county are kept.

“If they didn’t do anything wrong why can’t they get their stories straight? It’s the same thing as the nursing home thing: why couldn’t they get their stories straight?” Russell told TPM in a separate interview. “For a group of people who like to talk about the Constitution and the rule of law, they certainly don’t seem to respect the rule of law.”

In his criticism of the McDaniel campaign, Russell compared the courthouse incident to another McDaniel supporter, political blogger “Constitutional Clayton” Kelly going to the nursing home of Cochran’s wife and taking her photograph for an anti-Cochran video. Other McDaniel supporters seem to have been involved in that.

Russell added to National Review, “We’ve had two separate criminal investigations into one campaign. Is this the kind of person that we want representing our party?”