CNN Reporter: Cain Would Not Give Us A Straight Answer

CNN reporter Jim Accosta accosted the scandal-ridden presidential candidate Herman Cain today, and pressed for further comments about what his campaign “reassessment” really means. Here’s what he later reported on-air:

Acosta: We only asked him a couple of questions. That’s all the time we had. He was doing the rope line inside a Marriott Hotel in Dayton, Ohio, after wrapping up a speech. And I just asked him very quickly, are you vowing to stay in the race? And all he would say is, we are reassessing and re-evaluating. And then I asked him again, does that mean you’re staying in the race? And he would — he only responded, we are re-evaluating and reassessing. And then I asked him, when will you have a final decision on your future plans? And he said within the next several days. So, it sounds like Herman Cain is not going to drop out of this race today. It sounds that he may not drop out at all. We listened to his speech inside this hotel just a few minutes ago and he was very defiant, saying that character assassination would not drive him out of this race. But when we asked him specifically, on the record, on camera, whether or not he is going to stay in this race, he did not give us a straight answer.