Clinton On Trump’s Russian TV Hit: His Isn’t A ‘Serious’ Prez Campaign (VIDEO)


As Hillary Clinton was leaving the podium following a brief statement and answering a few questions regarding her meeting with national security leaders on Friday, she stopped to answer a shouted question about Donald Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin.

MSNBC’s Kristen Welker shouted a question at Clinton as she walked away about Trump’s appearance on a Larry King program that was broadcast on Russian television. Clinton returned to the podium to slam Trump, lamenting to reporters that the 2016 race keeps drifting into reality TV territory.

“This just becomes more and more of a reality television show,” she said. “It’s not a serious presidential campaign. And it is beyond one’s imagination, to have a candidate for president praising a Russian autocrat like Vladimir Putin and throwing his lot in with him in the way that he has, approved of his wish list and not even really understanding what Putin has already done, like invading and occupying Crimea.”

Clinton then circled back to her national security meeting, characterizing Trump’s actions as “reckless” for the country’s security.

“No one who wants to assume the responsibility of being president and commander-in-chief should be making the kind of reckless and dangerous statements and identifying with a regime that has some aggressive tendencies toward our interests, our values, our friends and allies,” she said. “So, can I say I was surprised? I’m not sure anything surprises us anymore, but I was certainly disappointed that someone running for president of the United States would continue this unseemly identification with and praise of the Russian president, including on Russian television.”

Watch below: