Clinton Writes Teen Vogue Essay In Bid For Millennial Support

Douliery Olivier/Sipa USA USA

Hillary Clinton reached out to millennial voters Tuesday in an essay she wrote for Teen Vogue praising the power of young people and encouraging openness in political discussions.

Clinton’s essay is part of the magazine’s September issue with a #ForGirlsByGirls theme, which boasts a roster of all-female photographers for the first time in its history. Clinton began her essay by praising Donovan Livingston, a convocation speaker at Harvard Graduate School of Education whose speech went viral, and Britain Bennett, an activist who began an anti-bullying program. She held up Livingston and Bennett as examples of millennials as a compassionate generation.

“A smart former U.S. president—who happens to be my husband—once said there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America,” she wrote. “I couldn’t agree more. And your generation embodies everything that is most right with America. By harnessing your energy and ideas, we can solve many of the problems we face.”

Clinton went on to acknowledge that many millennial voters went for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the primaries and made a plea for unity.

“I know many of you didn’t vote for me in the primaries. But no matter who you supported—whether it was me, Senator Bernie Sanders, or another candidate—I’m going to keep working hard to earn your trust,” she wrote.

This is the latest in a string of essays Clinton has written in unconventional media outlets, including an essay she published at the women’s humor site The Toast on the day it folded.