Christie Is Certain Bridge Scandal Won’t Weigh On 2016 Decision


Whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) ultimately chooses to run for president or not, the scandal surrounding his aides’ involvement in lane closures on the George Washington Bridge will not be a factor in his decision.

“There’s certainly nothing that’s happened in the last number of months, since we talked about this the last time that would make me think any differently about my ability to pursue that job,” Christie said Wednesday on his monthly radio program in reference to the scandal, as quoted by CNN.

The governor declined to say whether or not he was leaning towards launching a 2016 bid, however.

“I’m not going to make any conclusions until I absolutely have to,” he said, as quoted by CNN.

Christie’s national poll numbers and home state approval ratings have plummeted since he denied that he ordered or approved the lane closures on the bridge last summer. An internal review commissioned by Christie’s administration is expected to clear him of any wrongdoing.