LexisNexis Deletes CBS’s Discredited Benghazi Report From Its Archives

The transcript of CBS’s October report about the Benghazi attacks, which the network later retracted, has been deleted from the LexisNexis archives, apparently at CBS’s request.

ThinkProgress first reported the deletion.

Portions of the Oct. 27 show that featured Lara Logan’s now-discredited report now appear with this message: “This document has been deleted at the request of CBS News due to legal or copyright reasons.”

Logan was forced to apologize a few weeks later after critics questioned the reliability of CBS’s star witness and other news outlets discovered contradictions in his various recollections of the attack.

Logan’s status with the network has been the subject of speculation in recent days. She took a leave of absence after the Benghazi report was retracted and has not yet returned. Sources told New York magazine that Logna’s future with CBS remains very much an open question.

TPM’s requests for comments from CBS and LexisNexis were not immediately returned.

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