Carjacking Victim Describes His Night WIth Boston Bombing Suspects

The man whose Mercedes SUV was allegedly carjacked last week by the Boston Marathon bombing suspects described the traumatic episode in an interview with the Boston Globe published Friday. 

The man — identified only as Danny — relayed the conversations he had with Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a two-and-a-half hour interview with the paper. He said he got away from the suspects when the vehicle ran low on gas and needed to stop to refuel. The gas station only accepted cash, and the younger brother, Dzhokhar, went inside to withdraw money. That’s when Danny made his move. From the Globe:

“I was thinking I must do two things: unfasten my seat belt and open the door and jump out as quick as I can. If I didn’t make it, he would kill me right out, he would kill me right away,” Danny said. “I just did it. I did it very fast, using my left hand and right hand simultaneously to open the door, unfasten my seat belt, jump out . . . and go.” Danny sprinted between the passenger side of the Mercedes and the pumps and darted into the street, not looking back, drawn to the Mobil station’s lights. “I didn’t know if it was open or not,” he said. “In that moment, I prayed.”

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