Bronx Rappers Record Video Tribute To Hugo Chavez

Rebel Diaz, a rap group based in the Bronx, released a video this week that paid tribute to deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Entitled “Work Like Chavez,” the song, which featured lyrics in English and Spanish, defended the late leader against charges of human rights abuses and undemocratic tactics and implied the US government killed Chavez.

“The commandante man, I know they killed him,” one of the rappers said.

Presidents Obama and Bush were both criticized by name in the song and one of the rappers referenced a famous 2006 speech Chavez made before the U.N. General Assembly in which he called President Bush “the devil” and said the General Assembly smelled like “sulfur” after Bush spoke there.

“Time to step it up ’cause I still smell sulfur,” the rapper said. “Still smell the money in this capitalist culture.”

Rebel Diaz did not respond to a request from TPM to discuss the song. Watch the video for “Work Like Chavez” Below.


(Photo Credit: YouTube)