House Republicans Feel Sorry For Boehner: ‘This Is Not Fun For Him’


While outside conservative groups have excoriated John Boehner for moving forward with a clean debt limit extension, many of his Republican members said they felt for the House speaker.

The Hill rounded up some reactions on Wednesday from several House Republicans who said they were sympathetic to Boehner, who repeatedly finds himself caught between the more pragmatic lawmakers in his caucus and the intransigent tea party insurgents.

Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN) acknowledged that Republicans were disappointed that nothing was attached to the debt ceiling increase, but ultimately he was understanding.

“Everyone understands where the Speaker is on this, and many people offered a sympathetic view of where he was,” Roe told The Hill.

Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) said bluntly, “This is not fun for him, to say the least.”

But plenty of House Republicans weren’t thrilled with the debt limit bill. Boehner was met with icy silence earlier this week when he told his members of his intentions to advance a clean extension.

The House passed the debt limit bill on Tuesday, with only 28 Republicans voting in favor of the measure.