Bill Maher Tells Hillary To ‘Just Go Away’ For A While Before 2016

Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP

Bill Maher, on his HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher” offered some advice to Hillary Clinton if she wants to successfully run for president in 2016: get out of the public spotlight for a while.

“My advice to Hillary: just go away. Go away for a while. We’re going to see each other in a couple years, a lot, because otherwise you’re going to blow this,” Maher said Friday.

Maher’s comments come as the former secretary of State continues to receive criticism for saying that after she left the White House in 2001 she and former President Bill Clinton were “dead broke.”

Bill Clinton recently defended Hillary’s comments saying “it is factually true that we were several million dollars in debt.

Watch Maher’s comments below:

(H/t: The Huffington Post)