Bill de Blasio Offers Striptease At NYC Snowstorm Press Conference (VIDEO)


Newly minted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio offered to strip for reporters Friday at a press conference about the winter storm that had just nailed the region.

De Blasio made his indecent proposal when asked how many layers he was wearing by CBS Radio’s Rich Lamb. According to Politicker, de Blasio responded by “dramatically unzipping his jacket to show off his shirt.”

“Do you want me to go farther, Rich?” de Blasio said. “I have an undershirt also.”

On Friday morning, de Blasio shoveled snow in the driveway of his Brooklyn home. Politicker said he informed the reporters at the press conference that his ensemble kept him sufficiently warm during the shovel session.

“When you’re shoveling–shoveling is a fine form of exercise, let me just tell you. I didn’t have to go to the gym today,” said de Blasio. “So during the shoveling, no. Cold was not my challenge. My back was my challenge. But it worked out.”

Watch a video of de Blasio’s striptease below courtesy of Jacob Kornbluh.

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