Arizona’s Anti-Union Bills Continue Their Quick March Forward

Republicans in Arizona are continuing to move quickly on a sweeping series of bills that could devastate unions in the state. The measures are scheduled for a second state Senate committee hearing on Monday after soaring through their first just two days ago.

One of the bills would ban any type of collective bargaining by government employees at the state, county or city levels in Arizona. Another would bar governments from paying anyone to do union work, a practice known as “release time.”

The bills were introduced Monday night and cleared the Senate’s Government Reform Committee on Wednesday on a 4-2 vote along party lines. They are scheduled to go before the Senate’s Rules Committee at 1 p.m. Arizona time on Monday. (3 p.m. ET)

The bills are advancing despite Republican Gov. Jan Brewer’s warnings that the legislature should not send them to her unless they also take up her proposals that deal with state workers.