Spring Breaker Accidentally Shot While Unpacking In Florida


A 19-year-old Alabama woman was accidentally shot in the leg on Monday while she was unpacking for her spring break trip in Panama City Beach, Fla., the News Herald reported.

While Katlin Brianna Moore and other travelers were pulling luggage out of a vehicle in a parking garage, she tossed a duffel bag on the ground., according to the police report. When the bag hit the ground, a two-shot 9 mm Cobra Derringer pistol inside fired, striking Moore.

The bullet went through her left calf and grazed her right leg, according to the incident report. The pistol was owned by 21-year-old Ancelmo Avilez Diaz, police said.

“Ms. Moore was alert and conscious and advised she was in serious pain,” the police report said.

Panama City Beach Chief Drew Whitman told the News Herald that police believed the shooting was an accident and do not expect to file any charges.