Drone Hunters Hit By Crushing Defeat In Colorado Town Vote


The residents of Deer Trail, Colo. made it clear at the ballot box Tuesday that they don’t want hunters running around town shooting drones out of the sky.

The Denver Post reported that 73 percent of those who voted rejected a proposal that would have allowed the town to issue drone-hunting permits and pay a bounty to anyone who could produce “either the nose or tail” of a drone. The town has 348 registered voters, of which 181 cast a ballot, according to the Post.

The measure was originally proposed last summer. In reaction to the Deer Trail proposal, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a warning that anyone who fired at a drone could be prosecuted or fined.

Phillip Steel, the Deer Trail resident who drew up the drone-hunting measure, has said the proposal was largely symbolic and intended to make a statement against the use of drones for surveillance.