Woulda Been Good To Know Last Week

Up until now, the White House’s handling of the release of the inspector general’s report that revealed the IRS targeting of conservative groups has seemed routine and appropriate. But Jay Carney is briefing reporters right now at the White House (watch) and has made a couple of new revelations, one of which runs counter to what he told reporters last week.First, apparently more people inside the White House knew of the pending IG report than Carney indicated last week. After White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler was notified of the pending report in April, Carney said today, she told Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and other members of the senior staff. That’s new and goes beyond what Carney said last Monday.

Second, Carney said that there were subsequent communications between the White House and Treasury to “understand the anticipated timing of the release of the report and the potential findings” by the inspector general. That’s also new.

Neither revelation constitues a bombshell. But it’s new — and different.