Why Talk to Them When You Can Work for Them?

I hear McCain’s top foreign lobbyist advisor Charlie Black (he’s the one who now conducts his lobbying business from McCain’s campaign bus) was just on the tube knocking Obama for his willingness to talk to international bad actors. Remember, this is the same Charlie Black who worked on behalf of Ahmad Chalabi (who unless I’m mistaken our government still believes spied on us on behalf of Iran) and then got the contract for creating phony news in Iraq …

Special TPM Bonus Round: Send us any examples you can find of reporters asking Black about his work for regime-change bamboozler and accused Iranian spy Ahmad Chalabi and other rogue regimes.

Super Double Bonus for any TPM Reader who can get us a clip of Black being asked whether he is sure Chalabi was not passing US secrets to Iran while he had Black on his payroll.