Where Things Stand

Three big dynamics are likely to drive the Florida primary race between now and next the election next Tuesday.

The biggest and most interesting is the growing effort by what we think of as the GOP establishment to knock Newt down hard enough in Florida that he can’t get up off the canvas. Bob Dole’s seering attack on Newt today and Larry Kudlow’s very aggressive interview with Newt tonight on CNBC are the latest examples of the Stop Newt movement. The second dynamic is the $5 million of pro-Newt money from the Adelsons. Does it go toward a ferocious last-minute attack on Mitt? Signs point to yes. The final driving force is tonight’s debate, in a primary season where the debates — nearly 20 of them now — have had sometimes outsize influence.

The debate starts at 8 p.m. ET. You can follow the debate here in the Editors Blog and on TPM Livewire.