We’re Hiring: Video Newswriter

LiveWire is the beating heart of TPM. Fast, reactive, iterative and on top of the news like no one else anywhere. And we’re looking to add a new member to that LiveWire team. This position will have an especial focus on video – monitoring news breaking on cable news, unbelievable quotes, viral video moments, exchanges that take the news of the day in a dramatic new direction. If something happens on TV and our readers should see it and understand its context and significance, we want to be on top of it faster than any other publication out there. And that’s where this new Newswriter position comes in. Interested in joining our NYC Team? Job listing after the jump …

TPM is hiring a Video Newswriter to work in our New York City office.

The Video Newswriter is charged with finding and editing high-impact viral videoclips, compiling and editing video mashups, and contributing written posts to the TPMLivewire. This is an entry level, junior editorial position.

The Video Newswriter will be constantly monitoring a wide array of broadcast, cable and internet channels in search of clips that are newsworthy, zany, provocative — and preferably a combination of all three. Final Cut expertise is required. Familiarity with the SnapStream system is a plus. There is a significant writing component to the position; the Video Editor must also be able to write clean, engaging copy in a fast-paced news environment.

Candidates must be deeply conversant with the news world and be ready to work at the high speed of a digital news organization. Experience in a similar news setting is a plus but not absolutely essential. A solid grasp of contemporary U.S. politics, a real familiarity with TPM, and solid news judgment are each a must.

Competitive salary, health insurance coverage, 401(k), three weeks paid vacation per year. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to our comments email address talk (at) talkingpointsmemo.com. Include the subject line: “Job App: Video Newswriter.”