We Need Your Eyes and Ears

Not literally. We don’t need your organs. But this is important. You can see our feature story today about voter intimidation in open-carry firearms states. I just mentioned below that Trump has hired one of the top voter suppression charlatans as his head ‘elections monitor’. This story is going to emerge down at the ground level around the country, with local party operations setting up vigilante ‘vote monitoring’ efforts. But it won’t only be official party operations, just as much or more it will likely be individuals or small groups doing what Trump is telling them to do: go to minority neighborhoods and look for evidence of ‘vote fraud’. In the great majority of cases, that’s illegal. But it is happening. We want to track examples not just on election day but as they take shape over the next three weeks. So if you see things in your local paper, websites, TV, on social media, anywhere, let us know. Send a note to our main comments email address which is linked just below the TPM logo at the upper left of the site and use the subject line “Trump Suppression.” Thanks.