Turbocharge TPM’s Investigative Reporting Team

Back at the end of July we cut short the last two weeks of our Prime sign up drive until we’d done a full rebuild of the sign-up process, making it easier to use, making instructions more clear, making it more straightforward how to purchase credits and easier to apply to get free subscriptions. We’ve finally finished that process after a lot of hard work by our design and tech team. So we’ll be jumping back in for two more weeks of our drive. For now, though, I wanted address one point which I’ve told many of you over the last few months I’d get back to you on.

A number of existing Prime members have asked if they could do more to support TPM journalism beyond their Prime membership fee. Well, yes, you can! Part of the reason we were doing the rebuild I mentioned was to make the sign up and record keeping process for doing so more robust and organized. This weekend we finally rolled out our FIN (Future Is Now) program. You can purchase FIN credits and that money is all specifically and exclusively earmarked for our growing TPM Investigations Desk.

At the same time, for each credit people purchase we will make available a free Prime subscription for an enrolled student – high school, college, graduate, full-time or part-time. They’re available for any enrolled student.

So do you want to turbo-charge our investigative reporting. Just click right here to purchase FIN credits. Are you a student who’d like to get a free Prime subscription? Just click here.