Trumpers Assaulting TPM Reader with Email Torrent

With the news tonight that Trump’s fundraising has dropped off a cliff in recent weeks, I was intrigued by this note from TPM Reader JC who repeats that he’s been hit with no fewer than 50 emails from Trump, various wastrel sons, and other Trump entities just since October 21st (apparently many more in his spam folder). Everybody’s getting hit pretty hard for money these days. But that seems like a lot.

Note that JC is not a foreign parliamentarian. So at least there’s that.

I’m writing in from Seattle, WA. I just checked my inbox and saw that I have received more than 50 e-mails since October 21st (and even more lurking in my Spam folder) from a variety of Trump resources begging for money.

I get mails from Donald J. Trump,, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Trump Team Washington St., all with a number of different incentives. There’s the “Elite Black Card”, there’s the 3x fundraising, there’s the “here’s how much it costs to get someone to the polls on election day, how many will you fund?” pitch.

This has gone from a trickle (only a handful in the first week of October) to a deluge. I’m not sure if this is a non-story, but I thought I’d bring it up. Maybe there’s a connection between this and their severing fundraising ties with the RNC (per you, Trump Camp Shuts Down Major Fundraising For Joint Effort With RNC )?

When Trump first asked for people to sign up as “election observers” back in August, I thought it would be fun to be someone who signed up to “watch the watchers.” They wanted a donation after nabbing my e-mail address, and that was beyond the pale, so I thought they had forgotten about me. Little did I know!

Happy to collate and send the content of the e-mails, or send a picture, if you’d like.