Tooting Our Own Horn

We’ve been following the endless Franken-Coleman Recount/Trial really, really closely over the almost four months since the November election. Wearing my hat as a publisher, you just can’t get enough of the endless stream of antic, nonsensical and hilarious posts this story generates. I mean, how couldn’t you with a race pitting a professional comic against a professional clown?

Anyway, Eric Kleefeld has been our reporter-blogger on this story from the beginning. And I was just leafing through his posts over recent days. And I felt a great deal of pride in the amazing job he’s done. I don’t think there is any better, more detailed or more entertaining coverage of this story out there.

So, if you’d like to give Eric props, just click ‘recommend’ on this post to run up the number and of course you can always send emails to him at our comments address up on the upper right.