This Is Upsetting

Don’t worry. I’ll be okay. But this is upsetting: I think I have to defend Corey Lewandowski.

He apparently has a contract that entitles him to severance payments through the end of the campaign, despite being canned a few months ago. He apparently told CNN about this. And I listen on CNN and they seem to mention this a lot when Corey comes on.

Now the whole arrangement stinks – just in general and also because these are monthly payments which the Trump campaign could stop paying even if there’s a contract. Let’s be real. Trump stiffs people all the time. That’s totally possible.

So I think it’s a rotten arrangement. But what’s changed? It seems like each month, reporters see the severance payments again when the FEC reports come out and treat it as something new. It doesn’t seem new to me. It’s like Groundhog Day, only without Bill Murray, which makes it much worse.