The DNC Chair Election

We’ve been discussing the different building blocks Democrats will need to use the survive and expand in the Trump Era. There are countless different moving parts to the equation. None of them provides a silver bullet solution to turning back the Trump tide. But if there is one that is really important to get right it’s the person who serves as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Even more than the person, it is the strategy and vision for how to grow the party. To that end, I’m excited to announce I’ll be hosting in-depth interviews with both of the major candidates for DNC Chair – Rep. Keith Ellison and Labor Secretary Tom Perez – in early January. Each will join us for one full episode.

Normally, the full length version of the Josh Marshall Show is for Prime subscribers only. But given the unique interest and newsworthiness of this discussion and this choice we’ll be publishing the full versions of each interviews without restriction.