The Bravest, the Smartest, the Whistleiest …

I feel it behooves me to note that Office of Special Counsel Boss Scott Bloch, whom reports this morning is about to be sown into a burlap sack and tossed into the Potomac by his staff (some hyperbole, not much), is the very same Scott Bloch who has been caught importuning employees to go under cover in the comment sections of critical articles and blog posts and offer boffo praise of his meritorious service.

So someone might want to be watching to see if anyone shows up in the comments section praising Bloch for eradicating all corruption from the federal government, singlehandedly saving the lives of nine whistleblowers and bravely standing up to the slings and arrows of a lying press corps.

All Hail Scott Bloch! We who are about to sockpuppet, Salute You!

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