Sucking the Teat

Salt of the earth American David Jungerman lives in Raytown, Missouri.

And if you’ve been through Raytown recently you might have noticed that he’s got a semi-truck trailer parked on his farm in a cornfield along Highway 71 with the words …

Are You A Producer or Parasite
Democrats — Party of Parasites

Jungerman was fed up with people who “always have their hand out for whatever the government will give them” in social programs.

That was going well until it emerged that Jungerman has pocketed more than $1 million in federal crop subsidy payments in the last fifteen years. $34,000 last year alone. 2000 for whatever reason was a blowout year, when he pocketed $224,763.

Asked by the Kansas City Star how that didn’t make him a parasite too, Jungerman responded, “That’s just my money coming back to me. I pay a lot in taxes. I’m not a parasite.”