Somethin’ in the Water Down There

Second GOP operative comes forward to say he had affair with Nikki Haley, leading candidate to become the Republican nominee for governor of South Carolina.

Again, Haley’s campaign vehemently denies the charge. And the accuser has offered no proof — though I’m not sure I’d want to know what would constitute proof. In fact, what the accuser, lobbyist Larry Marchant, alleges is what I think folks nowadays call ‘hooking up’ rather than an ‘affair’, though I guess maybe one really great hook up can count as an affair. And to make it more bizarre, Marchant made the allegations shortly after resigning from the campaign of another candidate for governor, Andre Bauer, the state’s current lieutenant governor.

Remember, yesterday, current governor and confessed adulterer Mark Sanford came forward to vouch for Haley’s character.

They’ve got their own way of doing things down there.

Late Update: I’m not sure which would make for a more colorful and entertaining story: Haley exposed as an inveterate … what I guess you’d call, man-izer or the idea that a series of different GOP operatives, each of whom is currently married, conspiring to publicly allege phony affairs with Haley. What say you?

Later Update: Here’s Larry Marchant’s page on his lobbying firm’s website, the Palmetto Policy Group.