Shackles Off Debate Live Blog #4

10:25 PM: Again, the arbiter of the debt issue is a right-leaning social spending cutting group, just as it was in one of the earlier debates. That’s a problem.

10:22 PM: I agree with the criticism of Hillary here. A no-fly zone puts you into kinetic contact with the Russian army. It is an extremely dangerous step to take at this point. Different a few years ago. But now Russia is a full participant in the civil war. Yes, they wouldn’t just do it unilaterally. I’m sure they’d try to negotiate it. But there are a lot of dangers involved.

10:21 PM: Someone’s getting angry.

10:20 PM: Trump is really not a great student of military theory and basic concepts.

10:18 PM: “You should ask Bernie sanders who he is supporting. He said you are the most dangerous person to run for president in the modern history of America. I think he’s right.”

10:15 PM: This screed on Mosul is amazing. The leaders haven’t left, the attacks is to help Hillary’s campaign and also seemingly talking down how the attack is going. It’s a decent example that he hasn’t really been watching what’s been happening in ISIS territory for the last year.

10:12 PM: Starting to mull the totality of the debate, Trump’s done better than in the 1st debate (low bar) and considerably less insane than in the second (low bar). But Clinton has either gotten off a series of devastating attacks or provoked Trump into making very damaging statements.