Shackles Off Debate Live Blog #1

9:24 PM: “Choked” … the taunting phase of the debate begins.

9:22 PM: “Bad Hombres” for the win.

9:20 PM: Trump very grim. Calm, unchanging face. Hate to say it but low-energy and for some reason no sniffling.

9:15 PM: Remarkably sedate so far. Hillary has an obvious interest in being calm, presidential. She doesn’t need any knock out blows. Trump desperately needs a knock out blow. But he also has to stop sounding like a maniac. In other words, the shackles seem in place.

9:12 PM: She was “extremely angry.”

9:08 PM: Does Trump know he can’t fire Justices?

9:07 PM: Looks like Trump has been prepped about not doing face gymnastics while Secretary Clinton is speaking. Steely jaw and bravery as he looks into the distant horizon.

9:05 PM: Did Trump get a new haircut after the Alec Baldwin thing?

9:02 PM: Amazing that we’re hearing that despite doing more conventional prepping, his advisors have no idea whether Trump is going to follow advice or just go up on the stage and go nuts. Presidential material.

8:55 PM: Wisdom will appear here momentarily.