As noted last night, Campaign 2012 has fallen into another one of those temporary, mindless, and mostly meaningless outrage-a-thons. Ann Romney will be going on Fox this morning to defend her honor against Hilary Rosen’s criticisms of her not having worked outside the home. The Romney camp has a conference call with reporters later in the morning to try to keep the fire burning.Two things are re-converging here as they have several times already in this cycle: The Romney camp is desperately trying to find a wedge issue that sticks, and at least as importantly the political press remains mesmerized by easy-to-cover pissing matches. (The fact that it’s a pissing match between two affluent white women adds to the attraction, while of course also making it an empty proxy for the struggles of most women.)

At the end of the day, though, you can be sure that the cause of women (or of women and families) will not be advance one iota today. Welcome to 2012.

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