Scalise: Not Just Russia, Credit Cards Too!

Scott Threlkeld/FR 171144AP

Watching Republicans try to spin the Russia story is both bizarre and hilarious. Here’s Steve Scalise, third-ranking Republican in the House, explaining to Wolf Blitzer that we shouldn’t just be focused on Russian election interference but also people who had their credit cards and personal information hacked.

Transcript after the jump …

BLITZER: The FBI and the cia, I should point out, not just the cia, director of national intelligence, responsible for 16 different U.S. Intelligence communities, all agree it was Russia that was responsible for the hackings but the FBI and the cia apparently disagree whether it was specifically designed to help Donald Trump or simply disruption the U.S. Election system, embarrass the U.S., if you will. Seems to be the only difference but agree Russians were involved. Donald Trump isn’t convinced yet. Are you?

SCALISE: That’s why I say, let’s go investigate it. Get all the facts out there. That’s what everybody should agree upon. It shouldn’t just be Russia we’re concerned about, because many countries that are not our friends have been hacking into American accounts across the board. Again, retailers, we’ve seen many stories of massive breaches. A lot of individuals have had their personal information compromised, and then we’ve seen just about every corporation in this country hacked or attempted to be hacked by foreign countries