Romney Owning Rich Goober Vote

This afternoon we received a press release from the site that bills itself as the “world’s largest sugar daddy dating website” announcing a poll of its membership’s presidential preferences. And the results came back with a smashing win for Mitt Romney.

The former Massachusetts Governor tops President Obama by an 8 point margin and the “millionaires” who make up the site’s male clientele.Just so we’re all clear what we’re talking about here, is in the business of matching affluent dweebs with women who lack either financial resources or self-esteem or, more likely, both. To get some feel for milieu find this snippet from a tips column currently featured on the site’s front page …

With the “50 Shades of LA” party nearing in September, we wanted to share some insight into approaching Sugar Babies in public settings. Let’s face it: not everyone is a natural extrovert. And it especially doesn’t help that women gather in groups at parties. Follow these guidelines and you will penetrate that circle of women in no time!

Not everyone’s a natural extrovert!

In any case, the site’s owners believe that this finding may provide a clue as to why Romney has been able to rack up such impressive fundraising numbers.

But wait, there’s more!

While the guys prefer Romney by an 8 point margin, the female members of the site prefer Obama by a 3 to 1 margin. As CEO Brandon Wade puts it in uncannily fitting language, “”While poorer female sugar babies had chosen Obama over Romney by 3 to 1 in an earlier poll, millionaires in America prefer Romney for President.”

Full press release follows …


Millionaires Prefer Romney over Obama as President, According to Poll

AUGUST 22, 2012 – PR WEB

Why is Romney raising more money than Obama? The answer may lie in which candidate do millionaires prefer in this upcoming Presidential Election., the world’s largest sugar daddy dating website, posed this question to over 10,000 of its American Sugar Daddy members after Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate.

While Sugar Babies preferred Obama to Romney by a ratio of almost 3 to 1, wealthy Sugar Daddies on the other hand agreed with the website’s endorsement of Mitt Romney for President earlier this year:

* 42.06% said they prefer Romney
* 34.59% said they prefer Obama
* 14.65% said they prefer neither candidates
* 8.71% said they are undecided

The poll further asked each respondent how much money they have or will contribute to their preferred candidate’s campaign. Over 73.2% of the Romney millionaires say they have or will contribute an average of $1,758 to his campaign, while only 58.1% of the Obama millionaires say they have or will contribute an average of $1,192 to his campaign.

“While poorer female sugar babies had chosen Obama over Romney by 3 to 1 in an earlier poll, millionaires in America prefer Romney for President,” says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of “What is significant is that millionaires who support Romney are more willing to contribute money to his campaign than are millionaires who support Obama. Romney will have a significant fund-raising edge with millionaires over Obama in this upcoming election.”

According to, results of this poll may provide insights into which Presidential candidate has more sway with millionaire voters, and thus more fund-raising power, this election year. The following shows poll results for the top 17 states with the most number of Electoral College votes:

California (55 Electoral Votes): 44.7% for Obama vs. 33.5% for Romney
Texas (38 Electoral Votes): 28.9% for Obama vs. 46.3% for Romney
Florida (29 Electoral Votes) : 28.3% for Obama vs. 48.4% for Romney
New York (29 Electoral Votes): 36.4% for Obama vs. 37.7% for Romney
Pennsylvania (20 Electoral Votes): 31.3% for Obama vs. 36.3% for Romney
Illinois (20 Electoral Votes): 36.9% for Obama vs. 41.7% for Romney
Ohio (18 Electoral Votes): 37.3% for Obama vs. 43.1% for Romney
Michigan (16 Electoral Votes): 31.0% for Obama vs. 40.5% for Romney
Georgia (16 Electoral Votes): 26.1% for Obama vs. 59.8% for Romney
North Carolina (15 Electoral Votes): 39.3% for Obama vs. 37.5% for Romney
New Jersey (14 Electoral Votes): 42.4% for Obama vs. 36.4% for Romney
Virginia (13 Electoral Votes): 36.1% for Obama vs. 42.6% for Romney
Washington (12 Electoral Votes): 54.0% for Obama vs. 22.2% for Romney
Arizona (11 Electoral Votes): 17.8% for Obama vs. 51.1% for Romney
Indiana (11 Electoral Votes): 31.8% for Obama vs. 54.5% for Romney
Massachusetts (11 Electoral Votes): 39.4% for Obama vs. 45.7% for Romney
Tennessee (11 Electoral Votes): 26.5% for Obama vs. 38.2% for Romney

“Millionaires prefer Romney over Obama in almost every major state except for California, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Washington. Even in Democratic strongholds such as Massachusetts, New York and even Illinois, Romney has done extremely well with millionaires,” says Mr. Wade who holds a BS and MBA from MIT. “Top five reasons millionaires prefer Romney are: Dissatisfaction with how Obama has handled the economy; Millionaires feel Romney will be a stronger President; Millionaires believe Romney has a better chance of balancing the budget; Millionaires believe Romney’s tax plan will cost them less; and Millionaires believe the Romney Presidency will be more business friendly.”

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Ed Note: If it’s occurred to you that a site that’s in the sugar daddy business might not be the most reliable when it comes to statistical methodology and best practices, yeah, that occurred to us too. But we figure you know that.