Rangel Deal

All signs suggest that House Ethics Committee sachems and Charlie Rangel’s lawyers have reached a deal that will prevent any public ethics ‘trial’ over the charges against the former Ways and Means Chair. Up on the Hill Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) just told our Brian Beutler that “an arrangement was made whereby the adjudicatory hearing won’t go forward.” It was not clear, however, that Hastings had heard the news through official channels or informally from House colleagues.

Separately, the Journal is reporting that a deal has been reached, though Ethics Committee staffers are apparently still reviewing the final terms of the deal.

Late Update: Or not. The Hearing is starting with the reading of the charges against Rangel. So there does not seem to be any deal yet. We’re following closely and we’ll update you shortly … It’s not clear whether this means the negotiations have definitively broken down or whether this represents on-going brinksmanship on the committee’s part.

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