Above and Beyond Prime

For everyone who has asked if there’s a way to support TPM journalism over and above for Prime subscription, this is for you.

This is a note for current Prime subscribers. We’ve heard from lots of you over the last week that we should raise the cost of a Prime subscription (not going to do that) or give you some way to support TPM and our 2017 reporting plans beyond your $50 annual subscription fee. Well, yes we do! We allow readers to purchase “credit subscriptions” (here’s an overview of the concept from 2013) which we then assign to readers who can’t afford to subscribe. Everybody wins: you add more reporting firepower, people who can’t afford to subscribe get access. Here is the link. You can buy one for $50 or 10 for $500 or 20 for $1000. However many you want. And to be clear, zero is totally fine too. No one should feel under any obligation to do this. If you’ve signed up for Prime you are 100% good with this. This is purely for people who can and would like to. It’s more money to do more reporting and allows us to create a viable subscription model while not excluding readers who don’t have the resources to afford a subscription. Want to support TPM over and above your Prime subscription? This is how. Just click right here.