People of Toronto!

As you have heard, we are sending a delegation to your city to personally deliver the Golden Duke Award your Mayor won in the 2013 Golden Duke Awards. It’s a delegation from TPM and the Golden Duke Awards Association not from all of America. But in a broader sense, sure, we are representing all of America. I And we’ve heard from some members of our Toronto readership that you’d like to welcome our delegation when we arrive in your country, teach us your local customs, see what the actual Golden Duke statuette looks like in person and perhaps help us meet your leader to give him his award.

This isn’t like Gawker. We’re not showing up unannounced and meeting with drug dealers in some parking lot. This is a public delegation arriving in your city on public business.

So if you would like to be part of the welcoming committee to receive our delegation when they arrive next week, please drop us a line now at talk (at) with the subject line “Toronto Welcoming Committee.”