Peak Guffman


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better illustration of the Guffmanite nonesense we discussed yesterday than this. Geert Wilders, the flamboyantly coifed far-right Dutch parliamentarian who is Geller’s partner in crime, has announced that we need more Prophet Mohammad cartoons to combat the failed attack in Garland. This really is the inexorable collision of two rival clowncarts throwing up cultural and physical shrapnel to innocents around them, two sides that can’t exist without each other and by any reasonable standard shouldn’t exist at all. Perhaps we should take another approach: everybody go back to whatever they were doing before the Mohammad cartoon fad started, fund robust counter-terrorism operations to protect us from extremist lunatics and just call it a day.

By all means, if you were a professional Mohammad cartoonist before this started, stay strong, keep drawing and do not be intimidated by these violent extremists.

Otherwise, perhaps just get a life and move on.