One Woman Lie Machine


It’s amazing to see a whole new generation learning about the opportunistic bs of Betsy McCaughey. Folks in this cycle know her as the one who says you can’t oppose sexual assault if you like BeyoncĂ©. But Betsy’s been around forever as a person who uses dubious professional credentials to get behind all manner of straight up lies.

Way way way back in 1993-94 she actually played a key role in killing the Clinton health care reform, notably with a now notorious and thoroughly debunked article in The New Republic called “No Exit“. It’s frequently cited as one of the worst editorial decisions in the century long history of the magazine.

She managed to parlay her role killing health care reform into becoming the Lt Gov of New York, though he career in elective office later flamed out.

Fifteen years later she was the originator of the concept if not necessarily the name for “death panels.” Politifact gave her a “pants on fire” for this latest policy falsehood.

Now she’s back as Donald Trump’s credentialed expert propagating the ‘voter fraud’ myth. On CNN this morning she spouted a series of straight up lies about on the subject, essentially hijacking a whole segment on whether Trump would accept the results of the election. “This nation has been victimized by rampant election fraud,” McCaughey said.

It’s not too much to say that no one in recent decades has introduced more lies into the public policy and political discussion under the cover of professional credentials than Betsy McCaughey. It’s amazing that she’s still allowed to appear on TV after having been exposed so many times as a serial bullshit artist.

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