Okay, Enough Big-Think. WTF Is Going on Here?

I know I speak for the whole staff – because I’ve spoken to probably half of them about this already this morning – when I say that for all that we are collectively steeped in this story, we are very much having a hard time keeping up with all the different threads that have emerged out of the original Times Don Jr stories over the last week. I’ve mentioned that as we expand the new TPM Investigations Desk and create new parts of the site, some part of Prime, some not, one of our big focuses is on narrating and helping you organize and make sense of the different dimensions of these emerging stories. For me that has always been an essential part of what TPM does, breaking down the fourth wall of the journalistic voice, stepping back to explain connections between different threads of stories and so forth. In any case, these are dimensions of the site we will be expanding in the coming days, weeks and months. Today, a lot of this will inevitably come from the Editors’ Blog.

For now, I will simply say that if it looks to you like the wheels are coming off all this really rapidly, yes, it looks that way to me too.