O’Reilly v Trump

I don’t know if you just saw O’Reilly’s post-game interview with Trump immediately after the debate. We’re going to have some quotes and maybe some video momentarily. (Here’s video.) But it was a thing of hideous beauty. Whatever you can say about O’Reilly, he’s the same kind of nasty, taunting bully as Trump. He gets Trump and has his number. And it showed.

Trump was tired coming off the two hour debate. He went toe to toe with O’Reilly. But unlike everyone else who’s been on the stage with him, O’Reilly has Trump’s number, knows how to deal with him. A Trump who wasn’t a bit worn down would have handled it better. But he was tired.

Every time Trump would use one of his one-liners, O’Reilly, sneering and deflating, would come back with “Yeah, heard it. Please” or some equivalent of that. It’s like watching a cock fight, with all its hissing and brutality. I thought for a while that Trump v Cruz was the epic battle of assholes that that rapid devolution of our culture had been building toward. But Cruz let me down. O’Reilly is the one with asshole parity who can go one on one with Trump.

I suspect it’s because O’Reilly comes out of the same tabloid world as Trump.

Here’s a video highlight, or lowlight as the case may be.

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