Not The Night We Thought Blogging

10:19 PM: Just so we’re all clear on this, Florida isn’t the issue or Ohio or even North Carolina. It’s in the Great Lakes states. Michigan and Wisconsin are where this is at. And it looks pretty challenging.

10:08 PM: One thing to keep in mind is that I think that if Trump wins, there’s still a good chance that Clinton will win the popular vote. In fact, I think I’d say that even it’s more likely than not that if Trump wins, Clinton will win the popular vote. He only has a very slight lead in the national popular vote. And she’ll get a ton of votes in the West. Obviously, the national popular vote doesn’t matter. But I don’t think it’s ever good for the country when the electoral college and the popular vote go different ways.

10:06 PM: I think this is very on the mark.

9:56 PM: We didn’t expect Virginia to be close. It was really close. It now looks like the Northern Virginia is coming in for Clinton. That will probably come together for Clinton. Probably. The real issue is Michigan and perhaps Wisconsin.