Not So Bright

It was only days ago that we brought you word that South Carolina state legislator Lee Bright (R-Roebuck) wants his state to set up its own currency — let’s call them Palmetto Dollars — to protect South Carolinians and their savings from the catastrophe that will befall America when the Federal Reserve system collapses from Obamacare and too much fiscal Stimulus. Holding your savings in Palmetto Dollars backed by the full faith and credit of a smallish state in the Southeast should keep you covered during the coming global financial collapse.

But maybe there’s another reason why Bright is so keen on cooking up a new currency.

TPM Reader TK passes on word that it turns out that Bright owes the S.C. Department of Revenue a cool $67,261.02. In fact, they got a lien on his company On Time Trucking.As always seems to be the case in these situations, Bright says it’s just a misunderstanding. He never got the notification because the state revenue office was sending the notifications to an old address.

In fact, after the Bright was contacted about the matter by Jason Spencer of the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, he first said that he hadn’t mentioned the problem to anyone because he didn’t want to get special treatment.

But then he seemed to suggest that whole non-payment of taxes might have been an elaborate effort on Bright’s part to do some DIY sleuthing on how the state taxing authority treats citizens who get liens on their property. “We don’t owe it, and I just want to see how somebody gets treated on the outside,” Bright told Spencer.