Not Ready

Sarah Palin’s “perhaps” in response to the question of whether we might have to go to war with Russia over Georgia is getting a lot of attention. The truth, though, is that Palin was doing little more that drawing out the logical inference of McCain & Co.’s unhinged policy vis a vis Russia — not a huge surprise if you’ve just learned the policy in the last week. But McCain and those in his entourage at least have the seasoning to know not to traipse into throwaway hypotheticals about ‘war’ with the only other country in the world with a vast and eminently deliverable nuclear arsenal.

Late Update: A further point. It’s true that Obama and Biden both favor Georgia’s accession into NATO — a very bad policy position, as I’ve argued before. However, I do not think that their positions and McCain’s positions are equal. The best analogy I can point to is the nominal agreement on Iraq policy (embodied in the Iraq Liberation Act) between the Clinton administration and the most radical neocons in the late 1990s. Nominally, they shared a policy. In practice, however, it was one group that was completely nuts and gung-ho in favor of a reckless idea and another that was sort of dabbling in and passively favoring the same policy. Not that that is saying much in the latter’s favor. But there’s a big difference.