No Silver Lining for Hillary

A couple of things jump out from tonight’s Wisconsin results.

First, despite polls showing a relatively close race, Obama looks likely to have a final winning margin in the double digits. In other words, not close at all. It’s one thing to endure a month of losing, as the Hillary camp has steeled itself for, it’s quite another to hold on through a series of landslide defeats, which is what they’re facing now.

The other thing that doesn’t bode well for her is that the electorate isn’t remaining static. It’s moving, and the exit polls suggest it’s moving toward Obama. Last week, Obama made gains among white voters and women in Virginia and Maryland. Today, the exit polls show him eroding her core constituencies further: he almost won among women and won among middle-aged voters, among lower-income voters, and among union households.

If you’re a Hillary supporter, there’s not much in the Wisconsin results to raise your spirits.

Late Update: Let me correct one thing. Hillary just nipped Obama among women. He won 49% of the women vote, according to the exits.

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